Dubai visa for Turkish citizens

visa for dubai

visa for dubai

All about Dubai visa for Turkish citizens

To take a Dubai visa for Turkish people was a problem before but not anymore. Dubai is a part of United Arab Emirates and it is the most popular and touristic of the 7 emirates. There are lots of touristic tour options you can attend which will be much cheaper than organizing everything yourself. If you will go yourself without joining a tour, than you better chose Emirates Airways and they will take care of your visa or also the hotel you will stay there can take care of the visa process also.  You can call your hotel from toll free phones you can find at the airport and tell them to fax your visa to the people on charge at airport. You also can go to the Embassy of United Arab Emirates in Turkey and apply for a visa there.  Taking a Dubai visa for Turkish is that easy. To apply for a visa at the embassy, depending on the visa type you will need several different documents which you can find the list at the official website of the Dubai Embassy which is  .

While getting the detailed list of required document to apply for a visa from the above official website, here below you can find a list of common documents which you will need what ever the type of visa is.

* A passport which is valit at least 6 months more than the visa ending date.

* 2 visa photos with white background maximum 6 months old. ( Just tell the photographer that it will be used for visa and he will know what to do. )

* Travel health insurance covering at least 30.000 Euro guarantee.

* Plane tickets and hotel reservations.

* Fully filled and signed application form.

* Photocopy of the passport pages 1, 2, 3 and 4.

These above listed documents are common for all type of visa you will get, but depending on yours you will need some more.

I am a Turkish architect working in Qatar and i personally did visit Dubai several times. While it is that easy to take a Dubai visa for Turkish people, you mustn’t loose this chance of visiting this gorgeous country especially if you are interested in high tech architecture.

I wish you all happy and quality time there if you will go either for working or visiting.


Dubai visa

Dubai visa


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